Robotic Automation

Since it was born, L.C.M. PROGETTI has proposed itself as a PARTNER for its clients, by analysing and developing the solution to many different problems of production and productivity.
The competence of L.C.M. PROGETTI is based on a highly motivated personnel and constantly up-to-date technicians; as they are aware of what working in a dynamic and flexible company means, they can offer all their co-operation and experience, useful to model the projects according to the Customer's needs.

We can offer a personal support, carried out in conjunction with the Customer, starting from a preliminary study, then through the integration of machines, hardware and software customisation, and as a final step the start up of production and the service.

Offered Services

• Design and production of processing, assembling and welding systems for metal components and manufactured products,
• We have developed a know-how that enables us to reach high quality levels in the handling world,
• Our success is based on the quality of the products offered, including the installation of them in the place where they’ll be used,
• Our office offers its own technical consultancy service to the customers, according to their specific needs,
• Our production department guarantees the quality of the products and a fast and reliable technical assistance,
• Our technicians are always ready to follow customers in the installation of the systems and to bring them into production.


• automatic assembly machines,
• welding machines with several different technologies: GTAW, MIG, PLASMA, SPOT WELDING,
• marking and labelling,
• dosing of glues and surface treating,
• non destructive testing of welds, in differential pressure and in vacuum,
• visual test of assembled components.